Shoppe Object

[World-Building / Everything]

  • Design & Product

    ︎ Brand Identity & Systems Design
    ︎ Biannual Show Branding
    ︎ Website Design, Build, & Management
    ︎ Tri-Weekly Email Marketing Campaigns
    ︎ Rolling Output of Curated Editorial Content ie. Brand Stories, Product Roundups, & Interviews
    ︎ All Things Social Media streams
    ︎ Sales Decks & Press Releases
    ︎ Exhibitor Manuals & Contracts
    ︎ Printed Show Brochures & Merch
    ︎ IRL / Onsite Show Signage
    ︎ Exterior Buiding & Wayfinding Vinyls
    ︎ Intiation, conceptualization, development, refinement and documentation of all design solutions

  • Strategy, Management & Production

    ︎ Content Curation & Image-Making
    ︎ Community-Building Initiatives
    ︎ Design & Project Management of buildout of Shoppe Online, the new B2B E-commerce Platform of Shoppe Object with development partnership / folks at Ribbon
    ︎ Relationship Management + Sourcing with Production Partners & Print Vendors
    ︎ Photography & Video 
    ︎ Vendor Database Management
    ︎ Strategy, Concepting, & Storytelling to promote Brand Partners

  • Startup / Growth Role

    For years, I was the powerhouse Design Director for the incredible tiny team at the boutique home and lifestyle trade-show, Shoppe Object. We concepted, launched, and grew SO, from 100 brands our inaugural season in 2018, to 500+ brands and designers to where the show is today. Adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic, we quickly pivoted to digital offerings. I lead the design and dev build out of our custom B2B E-Commerce Marketplace, Shoppe Online, as well as a the production of our digital market weeks – inclusive of exciting content-drops and product-releases with our brand partners, curated editorial video highlights, and a week of live panel discussions with daily interactive community events. Shoppe Object & Shoppe Online were recently acquired in 2022 by International Market Centers (IMC / ANDMORE).

  • About Shoppe Object

    “Shoppe Object is New York’s semiannual, independent home and gift show. With a curated roster of visionary brands and makers presented in an elevated setting, Shoppe Object is the ultimate resource for premier merchants and influential editors. Born of a vanguard spirit to celebrate and service the progressive retail and design community, Shoppe Object is a gathering of fellowship, an expression of ideas, and a physical manifestation of a shared ethos — dedication to, and reverence for the good, the beautiful, the inspired, the innovative, and the well-made.”

Content Creation & Curation, Marketing Strategy, & Design

Website Design, Build, & Daily Updates

Printed & Digital Show Brochures

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